It is never an easy decision to make to sell your business. In most instances a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into building your business. Many business owners are unsure whether to use the services of a business practitioner to sell their businesses. Here are a couple of reasons you could consider when confronted with such a difficult decision.


The majority of business owners choose the sale of their business to remain confidential. There are numerous reasons for this. The last thing you want is uncertainty arising within the ranks of your staff and the public, especially when a well-established business is put onto the market.

Prospective buyers need information regarding your business before they can make an informed decision regarding your business. This information is usually highly sensitive and could cause a lot of damage when not protected by a proper non-disclosure document (NDA). A good business practitioner will eliminate this risk by the introduction of a comprehensive NDA to prospective buyers before disclosing any revealing information.

Business Valuation

It is vitally important that your business is valued at the correct sales price. Businesses that are not priced correctly will become stickers and are not likely to sell. A good business practitioner will guide you regarding the right sales price for your business. They know how to value a business and usually employ effective mathematical formulas and methodologies. They will run you through the whole process keeping you informed. Knowing that your business is priced correctly should put your mind at ease.

Time Saving

The sale of a business is usually very underrated. There is a lot more to the sale of a business than meets the eye. It can be a hugely time-consuming exercise causing you to divide your attention between your business and the prospective buyer. Because time is money the business practitioner will take care of all the nitty gritty things which is usually time consuming . This will afford you the opportunity to do what you do best with your time – run your business.

Finding a suitable buyer

Successful business practitioners usually have a large data base consisting of pre-qualified buyers. In most instances it is just a question of matching your business with the right buyer. This process is not only time saving but also eliminates the possibility of compromising confidentiality when your business has to be advertised. time – run your business.


A good business practitioner is a rare combination of someone consisting of above average financial, legal and marketing knowledge and abilities. Think about it, selling your business begs some of the following questions:

  • Is my business valued correctly and will I get my price?
  • Is my business a viable financial option to a prospective buyer?
  • My business entity is a private company. Do I sell off the business or should I sell the total shares of the company?
  • Is VAT payable on the sales price?
  • Is my business’ profit within the acceptable industry ratios?
  • What is most effective marketing method to get my business sold quickly?

These are just some of numerous questions that could be asked, depending on the type of business entity, the business industry and business type. A worthwhile business practitioner would be able to provide satisfactory answers on questions regarding a financial, business, legal and marketing nature.

Selling your business could prove to be a complicated process for which you may want to employ the services of an experienced business practitioner. Ask your practitioner for references or testimonials from previous clients to determine his/her service levels and then make your decision. A worthy business practitioner could save you a lot of pain and suffering when selling your business. It might just be worth your while.

Article by JC van den Berg, Business Practitioner at Bizcom.