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With more than 50 years combined business and commercial experience, we offer comprehensive business broking and commercial property expertise with our business practitioners and experts. BizCom is registered with the South African Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB) in order to comply with the necessary legislation as required by a professional estate agency.

We specialise in the following:


  • Business Broking / Marketing
  • Business Evaluation
  • Business Consulting


  • Evaluation
  • Marketing

Get to know us

What Sets Us Apart

We have incorporated the skillset of a few highly rated independent professionals. When buying or selling a business a number of legal and financial issues come into play. Although our practitioners and specialists are more than skilled to handle both financial- and legal issues, we pride ourselves on the fact that we acquire both additional independent legal and financial opinions from our associates when acting on behalf of a client. This proves that we leave nothing to chance and that we value your peace of mind when making a potential life changing decision.

We further believe that selling your business or property involves more than meets the eye. It requires a combination of business skill, knowledge and expertise accompanied by an excellent marketing strategy. As we find ourselves amidst the fourth industrial revolution, the role of social media becomes a vital component when linking a buyer and seller. It is the modern way of advertising. We have therefore acquired the services of a digital marketing expert to assist us with this process. Our associates are:

• Financial – Fenns Incorporated Chartered Accountants (SA) Auditors.
• Legal – Rauch Gertenbach Attorneys.
• Social media – IQ Digital.

we focus mainly on the

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About Our BizCom team and Expertise
About Our BizCom team and Expertise
We believe in the synergy of teamwork and are convinced that there is much more strength in effective teamwork than individualistic efforts.

Each one of our team members possess their own unique skillset which makes them experts within their own fields.
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Sean Heckler

Managing Director

Gerhard Visser

Business & Commercial Broker

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Legal & Accounting Professionals

To ensure accuracy and professionalism throughout every transaction